Customer Satisfaction

We are so grateful to you for giving us Oli and that I am so amazed at how smart and trainable he has been most are so amazed at how well behaved he is at such a young age. it’s tremendous features and he’s so amazing with my two young boys I do not know what they did before him they always attempt to negotiate him coming alongside us wherever we go. He is my little shadow and follows me everywhere thank you much a lot for giving us such a tremendous Corso pup and starting him of great in life is everything you wanted and more thanks again Jerry!!



I cannot say enough about how glad I am that we brought home two Corso Puppies “Gregory” and “Batel”. They are the simplest things we have ever done my kids say thanks mom once I say that they are the simplest smartest kids this boys. They’re so cute together and even Chloe says they might be such different poms if they did not have one another. They play constantly they also love one another and it’s been so cute to observe them two cause we feel crazy in the middle of them but it took them a short time to urge over leaving their master even neighbors ask what quite pups and where did we get them thanks so much for our lovely pups.


“Our baby arrived today!! She is even more beautiful than I could even imagined! 😍!! Jerry was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with all the questions we had. I couldn’t be happier, if anyone is looking for a Cane Corso puppy I highly recommend Kings Cane Corso!!”


“Had the most wonderful experience with Jerry!  I know I called him and spoke with him at least 100 times and he still answered my calls and questions every time. I would recommend him to anybody! Love my baby!”


I bought Michael some weeks ago he is great very sweet and mild mannered but can be very friendly and playful when necessary. living in New York with new people he socialized about 15 minutes after we took him outside for the first time since nearly everyone stop tuggle and pet him we are introducing him to other puppies and cats as much as possible and so far he mingles with them without any aggression or fear thanks very much


Lisa has become the simplest pup I have ever owned she’s so thinking and smart able to go do anything at anytime she is considerably like Maya because she’s very curious and busy and. I should have named her joy she is also associated with that she makes me happy and makes me laugh almost the whole day many thanks


“What can I say? My whole experience with Jerry from start to finish was amazing! Jerry is a true professional and he knows what he’s doing. He truly cares for all of his dogs, even after there gone to new homes. From the beginning he answered all of my questions and convinced me that Kings Cane Corso was the only way to go. Not only is he a professional at what he does, but the dogs that he produces are truly amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. Never have I seen a dog of this caliber, period. If you want a quality, true cane corso, Kings Cane Corso is the only way to go.
Thanks Jerry, and again, great job buddy!”


“I was very impressed by the knowledge & professionalism in the beginning, and then absolutely blown away when I got to meet Jerry in person! This is truly a family (between Jerry, his wife & child, and all of the dogs) and I was honored to get to interact with all of them at the time of picking up my pup! Jerry is extremely knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to choosing the best fit for your family. I highly recommend Kings Cane Corso!”


I just wanted to drop you a letter and say thanks for blessing our family with a little Edgar. He has settled in and bonded quite well I’ve had a lot of different breeds and this is my first Cane Corso Puppy I can’t believe that I have been missing out on it. He is the most sweet adorable and lovable little pet thanks a lot.


“I first met Jerry in 2020, I saw how well he treated his Corsos and how happy they were. I knew then that I wanted to get a pup from him. In the 3 years since (due to my busy schedule) he has stayed in constant communication and even reached out when he had available pups. This past weekend I finally got my girl and I couldn’t be happier with the level of professionalism and customer care that Kings Cane Corso provide. I will definitely be a return Corso owner and I know I’ll only go with Kings Cane Corso.”


“I started looking for a corso over a year ago. searching google/FB/IG…found a few breeders that seemed legit…searched a little more (BBB is a great place to look too !!)…when we narrowed it down we wound up at Kings Corso. I was specifically looking for a black female/white blaze. I saw Jerry post a puppy exactly what I wanted, but she was their possible show dog. A month later when she was available I made the call. I had a very long/thorough chat with Jerry about dogs/breeding/temperament/what I was looking for. They have an immaculate kennel filled with very impressive dogs ! We were able to see her sire and Dam. They were both amazing. The Dam was very friendly and outgoing, Jerry brought her out to play and run around with us..also “great grandma” who was a sweet grey beard !!


“We just got our boy on Saturday June 10th. He was born on April 4th. Jerry was nothing but helpful, knowledgeable, and assuring to us for the whole wait time. He sent us pictures and videos to keep us updated on how the pups were growing and progressing. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our male, Fulci. He so well tempered, smart, and looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! His coat is perfect and he’s built like a tank. He was 26lbs when I weighed him today, at 9 weeks. I drove 2hrs to pick him up and it was worth every second. Anyone looking for a quality cane corso breed dog should definitely get in contact with Kings Cane Corso.



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